Table of Contents

Article I: Definitions

There are two terms that come into use a great deal in the Anime Association NIU.

  1. The first is anime. Anime is the word used in the U.S. to mean Japanese animation specifically. Anime in Japan is made for all types of audiences including children, adolescents, and adults. In short, anime consists of the same types of genre seen on film and television.

  2. The second term is manga. Manga is, very simply, a Japanese comic. A great amount of anime is based upon a popular manga series or the other way around. Manga covers the same range of material as mentioned above for anime.

Article II: Purpose

The Purposes of the Anime Association shall be threefold:

  1. Firstly, to promote anime, manga, and the techniques associated with them;

  2. Secondly, to promote the understanding and enjoyment of other cultures and through that understanding to appreciate the diverse elements in our own culture;

  3. Thirdly, as a place for fans of anime to come together and meet other people.

Article III: Membership

  1. No person shall be denied membership in the Anime Association due to race, ethnicity, age, sex, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, physical/mental capabilities, or university status. This means that there is no discrimination whatsoever.
  2. A person, after coming to two showings in a semester, must become a member by:
    1. Paying the amount of money required for membership, if any is required;
    2. Signing his/her name to the membership roster;
    3. By signing up for membership, one agrees to the approved version of this constitution, or cease coming to the showings.
  3. Membership may be revoked due to unruly and disruptive behavior at events among other things that adversely affect the Association. This particularly applies to any inappropriate talking during any showing. This is considered a major offense. Any offending member will be given at least one warning by an officer of the Association before being asked to leave.
  4. Vote by a two-thirds majority of a quorum of the Association is required: a. To temporarily revoke membership from the club until the end of the semester, at which time another vote will be called to reinstate membership; b. To permanently revoke membership from the club.
  5. No person who has had membership revoked may attend an official Association event until that person's membership is reinstated.
  6. An exception to this will be made for the Association event in which that person's membership reinstatement is being voted upon.
  7. An Anime Association NIU membership list shall be drawn up at the beginning of each semester and updated as necessary.

Article IV: Appeals

  1. Any member may call for an appeal of a decision made by the Association, or by the Planning Committee of the Association at any time during an Association event, except while a video is showing.

  2. One appeal may be made per issue per semester, which must be seconded.

  3. All appeals shall be voted on at the beginning of the next showing in which a quorum of the Association is present requiring a two-thirds majority to pass.

  4. An exception to this will be made if the appeal is relevant to an issue that must be resolved before the beginning of the next meeting. In this case, the appeal may be voted on immediately, still requiring a two-thirds majority of Association members present to pass.

Article V: Showings

  1. All anime shown will be subtitled and unedited, if domestically released, before consideration of dubbed and/or edited anime.

  2. However, special consideration will be given to works cut to create movies.

  3. No bootlegged tapes will be shown by the Association.

  4. Whatever is shown must have artistic justification to be shown at Association events.

  5. This will be decided by a majority of the Planning Committee.

  6. Anything shown that is rated NC-17 or the equivalent, shall require proof of age to see it.

  7. Strong consideration must be given before ever showing such material, by the Planning Committee.

  8. No alcohol is allowed at any official Association event.

Article VI: Officers

  1. The Anime Association leadership shall consist of a President, Vice President, and Treasurer.
  2. The Planning Committee shall appoint a temporary officer in the absence, with good reason, of an officer of the Association, except for the President of the Association.

  3. All officers must be registered students at Northern Illinois University.

  4. At least one officer of the Association must be present at any official Association event, for it to take place.

  5. All officers have the authority to ask a member in violation of the rules of this constitution to leave an event.

  6. All officers shall sit in on the Planning Committee.

  7. The President shall:

    1. Oversee and coordinate all activities of the Anime Association.
    2. Represent the Anime Association at all meetings of the governing body at NIU and in any meetings with other Anime Societies.
    3. Maintain all correspondence to and from the Anime Association.
    4. Get permission from the licensees the Association shows videos from, preferably the semester before it?s shown.
  8. The Vice President (VP from now on) shall:

    1. Fill in for the President in any temporary or permanent absences.
    2. Maintain all related documentation and materials as well as a record of meetings and minutes.
    3. Coordinate the newsletter.
  9. The Treasurer shall:

    1. Keep records of all financial accounts and transactions.
    2. Help coordinate all financial events.

Article VII: Elections

  1. Elections shall take place at the last showing in April and go into effect at the start of the Fall Semester.

  2. An office is held by a student member from the beginning of the Fall Semester in a given year until the beginning of the following Fall Semester.

  3. Any student member may run for office, but can only hold one office at any given time.

  4. The President, VP, and Treasurer shall be chosen in a general Association election by a simple majority, when a quorum of the Association is present.

  5. In the event that the election cannot choose one member to hold an office by a majority vote, a second election for that office shall be held to decide who shall hold the office among the two members who received the most votes in the first election for that office, by a simple majority.

  6. In the event a tie occurs for an office in an Association election, another election shall take place for that office immediately.

Article VIII: Impeachment

  1. Impeachment of an officer may take place if he/she fails to fulfill the duties of his/her office, or for any other reason the Association deems appropriate.

  2. A vote by a two-thirds majority of a quorum of the Association is required to impeach an officer of the Association.

  3. If this vote passes, a vote will then be taken to decide whether the impeached officer should receive temporary or permanent revocation of membership. This vote must also pass by a two-thirds majority of a quorum of the Association.

Article IX: The Planning Committee

  1. The Planning Committee is the official ruling body of the Anime Association NIU.

  2. It shall be composed of all officers and any Anime Association NIU members who wish to sit in.

  3. The decisions shall be made through a vote of all committee members when a quorum is present.

  4. A quorum of the committee shall be defined as a majority of Planning Committee members.

  5. Planning Committee members shall be defined as the Anime Association NIU officers and the Anime Association NIU members that come to three Planning Committee meetings in a row. A Planning Committee membership list shall be drawn up at the beginning of each semester and updated as necessary.

  6. Any member of the Planning Committee, that wishes to resign from the Planning Committee, shall inform the President of the Anime Association NIU.

  7. If any vote results in a tie, another vote shall be taken immediately.

  8. The Planning Committee has the power to create subcommittees for the purpose of planning specific events.

  9. The Planning Committee has the authority to declare what is an official event and must announce it as such before it takes place.

  10. The Planning Committee shall keep members apprised of events that will be occurring.

  11. Any major decisions shall be approved by a general Anime Association NIU vote.

Article X: Adoption and Amendment

  1. This constitution shall be adopted by a two-thirds majority of a quorum of Anime Association NIU members and all proposed amendments shall need the same level of approval.