Table of Contents

Spring 2013

Karoshi-con 2013 was very successful! The website was redesigned again. Showings included: Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, The Daily Lives of High School Boys, and The World God Only Knows 2.

Fall 2012

Attendance averaged 10-20 members per meeting.

Spring 2010

The Anime Association of NIU hosted its first annual anime convention Karoshi-con on April 17th, 2010. It was a success and now we turn our sights on improving for future years.

Spring 2008

Due to the shooting tragedy that occurred on February 14th 2008 in Cole Hall. The Anime Association was forced to find a new home on campus. Beginning March 4th 2008 the Anime Association meets at McMurry Hall on the East end of campus. The club Members new and old were not only saddened by the loss of our home in the Cole Hall preview room, but also by the later news that Cole Hall was slated to be demolished in the late spring of 2008. On March 2nd 2008 during a committee member meeting a sign was created with by current club members: Art by Tamara T., Materials and set up by Dave S. and Amber L. The sign was made with care from memories of current club members, as a memorial, and as a way of saying goodbye to our old home.

Fall 2007

Attendance was its highest ever with more than 40 members!!

Summer 2007

Much has happened over a 5 year span. The Student Association has had some issues with their website and in turn many organizations were unable to update their website. So here I will try and summarize the major events. New t-shirts were made in the 2005 2006 school year they were designed by Mary Lythgoe. The Anime association started sending members to ACen, covering badge fees only. Attendance was high in Spring 2007. Some where along the way a large donation from two people created our current club Library. The library is being very kindly held at a club members home.

Fall 2002

For reasons beyond our control, we had to shift the showing times an hour earlier (6pm to 9pm). We continued having biweekly showings in the Preview Room (Tuesdays and Thursdays). We showed two long TV series on Tuesdays and two regular 24 to 26 episode series on Thursdays. We had an extra hour on Thursdays to show miscellaneous anime. Another first for us: we had a more equal ratio of males to females for the semester. However, more males attended the Tuesday showings, and more females attended the Thursday showings. This was due to a mistake by the planning committee. The Tuesday shows were of the "shounen" category, and the most popular Thursday show (Ceres Celestial Legend) was of the "shoujo" category.

Summer 2002

Sycamore Library showings are cancelled indefinitely due to very low attendance.

Spring 2002

Used SA funds to purchase a DVD player for the Preview Room. We started having biweekly showings in the Preview Room. Tuesday nights were the main shows, where "Beserk" held the highest attendance rate. Thursday nights were set aside for big movies and a few episodes of old or not well known anime. This was planned by Dave Schrader so that more of the regular club members could help decide what might be shown for the next school semester. Along with the Thursday night shows, Dave also made newsletters which gave background information on the anime which was previewed.

Fall 2001

An emergency election was held for club president because the previously elected president decided not to attend NIU. The show that had the largest attendance each night was "Trigun". Major overhaul of the club website started at this time.

Summer 2001

Very low attendance at the showings at Sycamore Library.

Spring 2001

Our official club web page is up finally up and running on the Student Association (SA) server. We also get an actual budget from the SA, although we ended up with less than what we wanted.

Fall 2000

Halloween Party was very successful. We had the highest attendance of any party so far.

Summer 2000

Still recovering from ACEN, some club members made the trek to Anime Expo, Anime Iowa, GenCon and Otacon. Sometimes people would even show up to the biweekly Association showings at the Sycamore Library.

Spring 2000

Things were generally more laid back, with average attendance around 35 people. "Princess Mononoke" was brought to the local art movie theater partially at the request of the club. We had a couple of parties, finally adopted a constitution, and survived Anime Central 2K. Also, we helped with CAB's Illustration Festival.

Fall 1999

The club had its first showing in September 1999. Initial shows screened were The Vision Of Escaflowne and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Average attendance for the month was 35 people. Shortly into the semester, a number of helpful members started forming the planning committee. At first they were more of an official advisory group, but soon it was apparent it was exactly the format needed to govern the club in a fair and useful manner. The planning committee planned and executed the first Halloween party including karaoke, a video game contest, an otaku contest and a wonderful costume contest. It was a huge success. The average attendance for October was 50 people. Also in October, the artists decided it would be nice to be able to help out those just learning to draw, and plan a monthly get together to discuss and learn about art themselves. The average attendance for November was over 55 people. On November 27, our temporary recognition expires because of the conflicts and troubles with NIU's student government which resulted in the impeachment of the President among other things. However, when told about our numbers, they were more than happy to extend the recognition and we all breathed a deep sigh of relief. The club had a laid back Christmas party in December that included NOT getting to do karaoke because of Quiet Hours, a Santa piƱata that we had to resort to martial arts to break, and an anime character imitation contest.