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Karoshi-Con 2019

Karoshi-Con 2019's offcial date: Saturday, April 20th, 2019

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Karoshi-Con is a free event hosted by us, the NIU Anime Association. Every year, we hope to bring together all sorts of people, from the most avid of anime watchers to people who just want a fun environment to learn new things, play games, and find all sorts of merchandise. Karoshi-Con is divided into a collection of rooms, including a Vendor Hall, Video Game Room, Traditional Game Room, a Karaoke lounge, a collection of Panels and even a maid cafe! The convention is of a PG nature, and as such, people of all age groups are welcome to join. The only requirement to attend is to show up and sign up for a badge, but if you want to go beyond that, you can either register early or become a vendor/panelist. We recommend you visit the other pages found under this tab. Hope to see you there!

Our History

The Anime Association of NIU presents its annual Karoshi-Con, an anime convention held in the Holmes Student Center of Northern Illinois University. Our one day convention features a variety of attractions, aimed to entertain any and all attendees for the entire day, with no admission fee.

In 2010, Karoshi-Con made its debut on April 17th. It surpassed the AANIU's expectations, with over 175 attendees enjoying the various attractions the convention had to offer. Karoshi-Con 2010 featured a series of entertaining, hilarious, and informative panels, with 'Prove Me Wrong' leading the pack in fan favorites. The game room held three competitive tournaments; the 'Random Retro Tournament' drew the most competitors, with the winner receiving a GameStop gift card. The Viewing Rooms showed a large number of anime series, including the Steampunk-styled Last Exile and the comedic Cat Girl Nuku Nuku. Karoshi-Con's Vendor Room was a central hub throughout the convention, hosting big name vendors such as Eagle Anime and Fast Food Anime, as well as independent creators such as Pixelites and Cutie Plush. As a staff, we worked hard to provide an enjoyable and welcoming convention, and we believe we accomplished that.

Karoshi-Con 2011

Photo credit: Joygazm (See their Karoshi-Con 2011 report here!)

"Karoshi-Con's staff was friendly, informational and welcoming"

"Really awesome for such a small, first-time con"

"I really enjoyed it. I hope you do this for many years to come!"

As per the feedback we received, we plan to continue the convention for years to come. In 2011, Karoshi-Con expanded its horizons, adding a tabletop, board game, and card game room to its repertoire of attractions. Card game tournaments were added alongside the video game tournaments. Karoshi-Con 2011 also marked the convention's first annual Cosplay Contest! The contest was a big hit with attendees, making it one of Karoshi-Con 2011's main events.

Karoshi-Con 2013

Karoshi-Con 2013 featured much of the same as the years previous: a Game Room with tournaments with the chance to win prizes, engaging panels encouraging audience participation, a Viewing Room with a variety of anime to preview and a place to relax, and a packed Vendor Room, offering all your favorite anime goods.

Karoshi-Con 2015

Karoshi-Con continues to expand on previous cons by including more panels and vendors than every before. We have made our tournaments bigger and the prizes grander as well! We will see the return of the cosplay contest as well as the Guitar Hero 3 tournament.

Karoshi-Con 2017

Karoshi-Con 2018

This year our sponsors were Affinity for Gaming hosting tournaments in the Traditional Game Room and DaSue Dragon Designs, located in the vendor room and also a cosplay contest judge.

Karoshi-Con 2019

This was the NIU Anime Association's tenth anniversary! We had a wonderful time hosting the 2019 convention, with over 760 guests that attended! We had great help from The Gaming Goat hosting our Video Game Room and our other sponsors, namely DaSueDesigns. Lucas Schuneman was our special guest for another year, and we had a very successful cosplay contest with the help of our very talented judges. We hope that next year is ten times better!